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Workshop for focus4nature and the Royal Photographic Society

Workshop for focus4nature and the Royal Photographic Society

On the 18th February 2012 I am giving a workshop on wildlife photography in Bath. This is organised through the RPS and sponsored by focus4nature. It runs from 10:00 am until 4:30PM. Full details on the RPS web site at RPS

For bookings contact the RPS at; Email: Phone: 01225 325733 Cost: £45.00. Members of the RPS Rate: £30.00

Tutor and content This course is designed to give you an insight into how to photograph birds and mammals.  Mike Lane FRPS has been a full time professional wildlife photographer for the last twenty years, travelling to over 50 countries in search of subjects. He is happiest however, photographing his own native British wildlife, which is amongst the most challenging in the world. Mike believes that there is a technique or location for photographing most of our wildlife and on the course he will reveal many of these methods.

Camera equipment The course begins by looking at the equipment required, from digital cameras and lenses to tripods and flash gear. More importantly what settings are the most appropriate for the subject. What ISO to use, Raw verses jpegs, which meter modes and focus modes. AV or TV mode or even manual exposure. What works best for fast moving wildlife?

Hides and other none photographic equipment Working from hides is a major part of bird photography especially. Mike will demonstrate their use and other gear you need that camera shops do not sell.

Methods and techniques. Kingfishers are always a popular subject with photographers, but not easy to photograph unless you know how. Even seeing one can be difficult, although they are common birds. There is a simple technique to attract them and Mike will tell you how to photograph them both perched and in flight and even diving into water.

The same for birds in your garden. How is this best done? What setup should you try to achieve? What are you looking for in the way of backgrounds and perches?

Locations Throughout the day the locations where wildlife can be photographed with relative ease will be highlighted, both at home and abroad. Many British birds and mammals have a location somewhere where they can be quite easy to get close to. Mike has spent a lifetime finding them.

On safari Since many of us only get to photograph wildlife on trips abroad we will look at what equipment is most appropriate here.

Post production We will not have time for a full computer demonstration, but Mike will show how to download your pictures both at home and on a trip, store them, back them up and edit efficiently.  Keeping track of the vast numbers of pictures taken with a digital camera can be very difficult.

Selling images Mike has made his living from his wildlife pictures for the last twenty years and will give a short insight into how to get your work published.

Course requirements This course is suitable for those with Digital SLR cameras and lenses of at least 300mm and upwards.  Beginners and more advanced workers will find it suitable.

What to bring Digital camera if you might want to ask questions about it. You are welcome to bring a few prints of jpegs on a memory stick for Mike to discuss.

Bring a packed lunch or use local facilities. Drinks provided.

This workshop is supported by Focus4nature

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