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Bulgaria Reptiles

24th April 2019 to 30th April 2019

Dice snake K6018.jpg

Dice snake

We did an interesting and different trip in April 2019. The reptiles and amphibians of Bulgaria run by Miroslav Slavchev of I went with Melvin Grey and Malcolm Schuyl.

Miro runs a number of different tours, but his speciality is Herpetology. It was interesting to see how they found and captured the reptiles. This always seems very difficult to me. We did spend a lot of time turning over stones and planks of wood 99% of which produced nothing.

As well as measuring and weighing the subject for research we then had opportunity to photograph it. We stayed at two towns Melnik and Kresna to have a greater range of species.

I purchased the Olympus 60mm f2.8 macro lens for the trip as well as the twin flash bracket (STF-8). The flash system is not cheap, but a remarkable bit of kit. Lightweight and compact it was very handy to use.

It was a very good trip. Miro and his friend Angel worked hard to find the species and then have the patience to deal with three very enthusiastic photographers.

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