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Bio | Mike Lane FRPS wildlife photography

Welcome to my web site. I'm a full time wildlife photographer specialising in birds and mammals. Although I get to travel to foreign lands a great deal, my main love is British wildlife. I get far more satisfaction photographing humble wrens and chaffinches than exotic parrots in distant rain forests. 

I think this is because I grew up with British wildlife and simply get more excited about it. Nevertheless I enjoy the travel and have spent long periods in Canada, Australia, Spain and India.

In Canada I spent three months living in a tent in the Yukon on my lonesome. A wonderful and lonely experience.

India could not have been more different. Lonely you can never be in the Keoladeo Ghana Nation Park near Bharatpur, but it is the number of visitors that has made the birds so tame and photographable.

Australia is not an easy place for wildlife photography, but O'Reillys in the Lamington National Park was outstanding for parrots and bowerbirds, while the Esplanade at Cairns offered a wonderful high tide wader roost that was easy to photograph.

Spain was close enough to home that I recognised the birds I saw and provided great opportunities to photograph some of Britain's rarer species.

Other trips have included  the Shetlands, The Gambia, Botswana, Tanzania, Namibia, Israel, Florida, Poland, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Hungary, Czech Republic,  Venezuela, Iceland, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus and the Oman.


I always say that I have four interests in life. Wildlife, photography, travel and computers. In today's digital age they all combine very well into one interest. In an ideal world I would spend all my time travelling, photographing wildlife and emailing out the processed pictures. Economics force me to spend too much time at my desk, but the internet is allowing me to travel and run the business on the move, more and more.

Yellow-legged gull J2370.jpg

Yellow-legged gulls, Morocco

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