Snow buntings are quarrelsome birds like many species that go around in flocks. Here they are scrapping over food put out for them in the car park at the Cairngorms ski lifts.

Snow bunting, Plectrophenax nivalis, two birds fighting in snow, Scotland, March 2020. Olympus M1x. 300mm f4. 1/4000th at f4. 400 iso.

We were due to go to Sardinia (Italy) on April 1st. The car hire company ( emailed to ask if I wanted to cancel with no fees charged. Very proactive of them. Easyjet cancelled the flight today, but did not email. I had to logon to their web site and I got a full refund. also did not email, but when I checked their website was able to get a full refund on the hotel and is was advertised as a none refundable payment. They recognised coronavirus as a special circumstance. Purple Parking at Luton Airport refunded all but £10. Not a bad loss. I was expecting to have to claim on my travel insurance and expecting them to find a reason not to pay.

Taken in Scotland near Avimore with the Olympus m1x and 120 fps video, so slow motion. At 1/250th shutter speed. I have also slowed it down in post production and finally taken a snapshot from one frame. I am amazed the quality you can get from a video frame.