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Wood pigeon in flight

I was in no rush to buy an Olympus E-m1x body as the spec did not seem to offer anything I needed, but as I now spend more time shooting video than stills pictures I suddenly became interested in the 120 fps video option for slow motion. I am now very glad I bought one and wish I had sooner.

The 120 FPS video is interesting, but it is the auto focus that has impressed me most. I have only had two opportunities to try it on birds in flight so far and it has performed amazingly well. It autofocuses even when I think it stands now chance. So long as I can hold the bird in the frame for a fraction of a second it locks on most times. The wood pigeon is in a messy situation with grave stones behind it, but it coped. My old Canon gear would have stood no chance.

It is a shame we have gone back to a heavier and larger camera body, but I am loving using it. The 4 custom settings are a real joy to use and to be able to toggle the custom settings on and off at the press of a button means I go from action flight mode to static settings in an instant. Why do not all cameras employ such a simple idea and how did I ever cope without it.

Wood pigeon, Columba palumbus, single bird in flight in cemetery, Warwickshire, July 2019. Olympus M1X, 300mm f4 lens. 1600 iso. 1/5000th at f4.

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