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I went across to Welney Wildfowl and Wetland Reserve in Norfolk for the day recently. The photography inside the reserve was not so good. There are large flocks of Black-tailed godwits at a distance from the hides, which were spectacular when they took off as a group and the occasional fly past by ducks, but that was all. Outside on the road however was a fantastic display of at least 5 barn owls. They were there when I arrived about 08:00 and when I left the reserve in the early afternoon. They were easy to photograph on the fence posts and in the grass, but flight shots were very difficult as the strong wind meant their backs were nearly always towards me.

Black-tailed godwit, Limosa limosa

Pochard, Aythya ferina

Mallard, Anas platyrhynchos

Barn owl, Tyto alba

Barn owl, Tyto alba

Barn owl, Tyto alba

Barn owl, Tyto alba

Barn owl. Canon 7d, Mk2. 800mm f5.6 lens

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