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I am very new to video. All my cameras offer the feature, but I have used it little. In recent months I have started the learning curve and have about 30 clips loaded onto picture library web sites to see what happens. It is hard to imagine where the market is, but one sold in the first week.

I mess up a lot by either losing focus or camera shake. Autofocus does not work as well in video mode and doing it manually is almost impossible. The other problem I have had has been dust on the 1Dx sensor. Not so easy to get rid of as on a stills picture.

Editing is also difficult. I learnt how to use Adobe Premier, but it is not intuitive and hard to remember what you have learnt a few weeks later. After trying a few others I have settled on Serif Moviemaker. Serif software is always easy to use. The icons make sense and I rarely have to refer to the manual.

Here is my first attempt at a sequence. I would like to do a few more like this.

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