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Tree Sparrows

We are lucky to have a small colony of Tree sparrows on the land I photograph on. They do not roam over a large area, being found in only a few limited hedges and wherever I put a small tray of bird seed down they quickly find it. I have placed it by a range of different props so far. The above is one of my favourites. It is at the end of a hedge and I have pruned the branches to leave a few sticking out that have fresh, spring, green leaves coming through. The tray of seeds is then placed just out of shot encouraging the birds to land on the green sprigs. It was raining at the time and the light lovely and soft. The background has two tones or colour merging which is an effect I always like. Taken from a hide, with the Canon EOS 1d mk1v and a 800mm lens with a 1.4 extender. 1/400th at F10 with 800 iso.

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