Tamron 150-600mm lens

My wife is a terrible photographer. I tell her this. But so long as I give her my 400mm F5.6 lens and a camera she is happy to spend long hours waiting and watching for wildlife. So long as she can take pictures she will wait longer than me. We will go back to Africa again this year and so I decided to buy her a Tamron 150-600mm lens to give her extra pulling power. Last week I tried it out on my Canon 7d and was very impressed. With the 1.6 crop sensor the zoom range is larger than I have ever known. The sharpness was excellent except at the 600mm end, but this is not the resolution of the lens. Some pictures were very sharp at 600mm, but most shots appeared to be back focused by quite a long way at this extreme end. I have since done the Micro adjustment and dialed in 15 points. At some point I would like to try it again. I am even tempted to buy one for myself!

Blue tit, Parus caeruleus, single bird on branch, Warwickshire, January 2016

Lesser redpoll, Acanthis cabaret, single bird on branch, Warwickshire, January 2016

Long-tailed tit, Aegithalos caudatus, single bird on branch, Warwickshire, January 2016

All taken with the Tamron 150-600mm mostly at around 400mm.


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