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Stills Photography Days are Numbered

One of the two pictures here is a frame grab from The Lunix GH4 running in 4K cinema mode, the other was taken on the Canon 1dx. The Lumix gives 24 fps and records on a continuous loop so I just leave the camera running. When I think a bird has flown into the right air space and might be in focus I press the button to stop the loop recording and save it. Then I start the camera running again for the next shot. The loop is 10 minutes long and if there is a setting in there to shorten it I have not found it, but 10 seconds would suit me better.

Auto focus would not stand any chance so it requires prefocusing on one spot and hoping. Each frame is 3328 x 2496 pixels which gives a 24 Mb file. Amazing! How do they do that! The shutter speed can be set up to 1/8000th of a second, which means frame grabbing from video is now very possible. In the old days (last year) movie film and video used a shutter speed of about 1/40th, which was far too slow to give decent stills of subjects in action.

Will it be the future of wildlife photography? I suspect so. The next generation will give even better quality and larger files I am sure.

Blue tit F0514
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