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Self drive safaris

At focus4nature we are offering the possibility of a free tour to anyone completing a questionnaire on our web site at

All those who complete the questionnaire will go into a draw and two people will win a trip worth £1110. The advantage to us is we get to learn from the answers to the questions what our potential customers are looking for in wildlife photography tours. One of the questions I wanted included was “Would people be interested in self drive safaris?”. And the answer is a resounding yes. Almost everyone has been positive about the idea.

It does not surprise me as I always find it very frustrating having someone else driving the vehicle when photographing. The prefect spot to pull up has to be inch perfect. Go too far and the background can be spoilt or not far enough and the foreground ugly. It is precision work and I want to be at the wheel or have another photographer doing it who I trust and work well with.

So we are looking into organising one. For me Namibia is the perfect choice. I have always said it is my favourite African country for photography. The tourist infrastructure is good, the wildlife amongst the most approachable on the continent and the settings wonderful. Our plan is we will travel in convey between locations, with probably four vehicles and two photographers in each . Once we reach the location where we will be photographing we can split up and each car go its own way coming together at a prearranged spot for lunch and evenings. It is an easy country to find your way around and we will all have maps and mobile phones. It is one I hope to lead myself. If you are interested please email me and I will let you know when we have more details. We are aiming at August 2012.

In the meantime it is well worth filling in our questionnaire. The draw takes place at the end of April and the numbers so far submitted are not in the thousands so the chance of winning is high.

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