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Permajet Course

I am doing a wildlife photography workshop for Permajet on August 13th 2011 in Stratford-Upon_Avon. 10:0 to 16:00 hours. Cost £75.

The details:

Digital has revolutionised wildlife photography. Photographers are now able to take pictures that were once impossible in the days of film. This course by wildlife photographer Mike Lane, FRPS looks at the equipment available today and the settings that are appropriate for the budding wildlife photographer. We will discuss cameras, lenses, convertors, tripods, flash, bag choice and accessories. The main premise of the course is to “keep it simple”. Once set, very few settings ever need to be changed again. The less you change modes the better. It is expected that those attending the course already have a basic understanding of shutter speeds and apertures etc. but would like to know which settings are the most appropriate for wildlife subjects. The most challenging part of wildlife photography is finding and getting close to the subject. We will demonstrate hides and their use, techniques for getting within range of our birds and mammals and other specialist equipment you may need. We will also look at digital workflow, covering downloading, editing and storage of large numbers of wildlife pictures that you will tend to take. If you want to know how to go about selling your pictures we will briefly discuss the business of wildlife photography and how to make a living from it – but don’t give up the day job just yet! An absolutely essential course if you want to photograph birds and mammals at home or on safari in Africa.

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