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Lowpod for low angle photography

The benefits of getting down low for wildlife photography are well known and many of us spend too much time lying on our bellies in the sand or mud. Keeping the camera supported and clean is usually an issue. Sometimes I use a tripod at a low level, other times a bean bag and I even have a TV turntable in one low hide. That is very effective if you are not moving, but static in a hide on the floor.

Now I have had an alloy dish spun especially for the job, with a raised platform in the middle and a 3/8th stud. I can push the dish around and it balances my 800mm lens perfectly. So far I have only used it with a Gimbal tripod head, but suspect I will try a lower one soon.

Lowpod E6854

Lowpod E6848

Lowpod E6850

Lowpod E6851

Lowpod E6852

Lowpod E6853

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