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Little-ringed plover

Little-ringed plover, Charadrius dubius, single bird in display flight, Warwickshire, March 2019. Olympus Em1 Mk2. 300mm f4 lens plus 1.4 extender. 3200 iso. 12,800th sec at F5.6.

I would not have attempted this picture with my old Canon gear. With Olympus anything is possible. In fact over two sessions in a hide I only had three opportunites to take this picture and I got it on the third attempt. It was taken at 60 fps using Procapture with the focus set manually in front of the bird using Peaking to assist the focusing. No extra noise reduction has been done.

It is by far the most amazing camera I have ever used. If you have ever seen LRP’s in their display flight you will know how fast they move.

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