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I made the mistake of booking flights to Indonesia before I checked the visa requirements. A 30 day tourist visa is issued on arrival at the airport in Jakarta automatically, but my return flight was after 32 days. It is possible to get a 60 day visa, but it involves sending my passport to the embassy in London along with other paperwork such as a letter from my employer, accountant, solicitor or bank manager. None of which I have. It would be simpler to phone the travel agent, and change the flight I had only booked two days earlier.

First I get a message telling me the phone call is going to cost me 10p a minute, then a long list of menus, probably costing me 50p to navigate and finally I am talking to someone in what sounded like an Indian call centre on a very poor line. Apart from it was difficult to understand what she said, due to the line quality, she was was actually very good and efficient. For a mere £125 I could bring my flight forward by three days. What a rip off for. It is a simple bit of administration and the bad publicity such charges cause not worth it surely. I will try my local travel agent for my next flight, although I love doing everything on the web normally.

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