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Jays and Woodpeckers

Jays are regular visitors to my main feeding station this winter, but are ignoring the acorns I have provided and Jays are very difficult to photograph unless they feed on acorns. Peanuts they hoover up without lifting their heads and posing. When their crop is full they immediately fly off, but with acorns they have to throw their heads right back and take them in one at a time. Each time they pose very well. Hopefully as the winter gets colder they will start to show an interest in them.

The Great-spotted woodpeckers are also posing well, with at least four individuals visiting. Finding a Silver birch stump with attractive bracket fungi takes a lot of searching, but makes a nice prop. The yellow maple leaves in the background were added to put more colour in the image.

All pictures taken with the Canon EOS 1dx and the 400mm f5.6 Canon lens. A favourite lens, but will it soon become obsolete if the new Canon 100-400mm zoom is optically improved. I would much rather use a zoom in this situation, but compared to the straight 400mm the old 100-400 zoom was very poor.

Great-spotted woodpecker, Dendrocopos major

Jay, Garrulus glandarius

Jay, Garrulus glandarius
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