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House sparrow during coronavirus lockdown

Now our small garden is tidy, knives and forks neatly aligned in the drawer and all the coathangers are facing the same way. What to do next. To entertain myself I am going to load an old image every day on here.

What I like about this House sparrow picture is the roof. Its rustic colour and lichen made it a very attractive situation. Also it was very low so I was level with the birds. It is the Meercat house inside Twycross Zoo. This was taken in 2013. If the roof is still as good it would be nice to be there now shooting video. They will be singing (of a sort), courting, mating and nest building.

House sparrow, Passer domesticus, single male with nest material, Warwickshire, May 2013. Canon 1dx mk2. 800mm lens. 1/2000th at f5.6. 800 iso.

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