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House Sparrow

Over the years I have found several places to photograph House sparrows. A red-tiled information stand in Greece and a similar bus stop in Norfolk for instance. The red tiles made for attractive pictures, but I have just found a new spot with more subdued coloured tiles, which are equally photographic. The roof is at head height and covered in lichens and moss, perfect for photography. The only downside is you have to pay £14.50 to get in to Twycross Zoo. It is the roof of the Meercat house, not far from the entrance. Twycross it not a good zoo from the point of view of open enclosures suitable for photography so it was the only subject I took pictures of on the day, other than a head shot of a White stork. Maybe I will try in the spring for the sparrows when the males might be singing.

House sparrow 800mm lesn 1/640 at f7.1. 800 iso. Although I used the big lenses for this shot I also took pictures with the 100-400mm. There was no problems getting closer.

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