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Green woodpecker

Canon EOS 1d Mk1v. 800mm lens. 1/200th at f5.6. 800 iso.

There is a meadow full of ants nests which these birds spend a great deal of time in, but the grass is very long and they do not show well. I cut the grass with a petrol strimmer and lawnmower in one small area to create a “lawn”. Not that is a very good lawn! But it did the job and the woodpeckers came to it within 2 hours. Taken from a canvas hide put up by one of the ant hills. I have since added an upright Silver birch trunk to the spot and the birds have landed on that twice, but not posed well yet. I expect I will try again tomorrow although Mistle thrushes are feeding on the Rowen berries already. I need to try for that first.

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