Cyprus warbler

I spent a week on Cyprus in April. I have been there before only in the winter and had high hopes April would be fantastic with birds on every bush and rock. It was not as good as I expected with birds in short supply at times, but I enjoyed it and did a lot more in one week than I might do in a year in the U.K.

One of my favourite images is of a Cyprus warbler, which was taken using a bag hide. I saw the bird land on the branch three times and set up to wait. The advantage of a bag hide is it is very light in your suitcase at 600 grams. The disadvantage is you have to sit very still inside it so it is less comfy than a stand alone hide.

On the first session I used the Canon 1DX, but the bird did not like the sound of the shutter so I used the Canon 7d Mk2 after that, which is so much quieter.

Cyprus warbler, Sylvia melanothorax, single male on perch, Cyprus, April 2015. Canon 7d MK2. 800mm lens. 400 iso. 1/640th at F11

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