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Canon 7d Mk2 and the new 100-400mm Mk2

Today I used the Canon 7d Mk 2 with the new 100-400mm Mk2 lens for the first time. The new lens is a huge improvement on its predecessor. I still have my old 100-400, but avoid using it unless I have to as it is not as good as the straight 400 f5.6 or the 300mm f4. Now I have a zoom lens I can use with confidence and with the 1.6x chip of the 7d it is a fantastic lens range for hide use without the weight and bulk of the 200-400 (and cost). It has always been a gap in Canons lens range that I have tried to fill with Sigma or Tamron lenses, but been disappointed. When working from a hide the lack of ability to photograph small birds coming to a feeder and then zoom back for a larger Jay or Woodpecker has meant setting up for one or the other. Now I can do both. Today’s pictures are very sharp and I am expecting it to become a much used combination.

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