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Canada Geese

I have owned a Gopro Hero 2 for a number of years, but not taken many pictures with it as I was never happy with the image quality. However, I have now tried the Hero 6 and it is much better and with important controls over shutter speeds and ISO settings, which was not possible before. I am still learning the settings, but would like to get a set of bird images taken with it although I will start with the easy ones such as Canada geese and Mute swans.

Canada goose, Branta canadensis, birds by water, Staffordshire, December 2017. 3.1mm lens. 100 iso. f2.8 at about 1/1000th. The camera was running in time lapse mode at 2 frames per second and left sitting in the water. It runs for almost 2 hours before the battery goes flat.

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