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Camera bean bags

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a confusing subject, but one that fascinates me. I often get emails from firms offering to improve my rankings in search engines, but what ranking they are talking about I am not so sure. Type “Mike Lane” into Google and I usually come up first so long as you are in the U.K. (Type it in the USA and a Louisiana fisherman comes first). If I do not come first then add “wildlife photographer” and I always do, although there is another Mike Lane with a web site of bird photographs.

What I really want is to come first with “yellowhammer picture for sale”. I used to do quite well at this in the early days of the internet, but no longer. As all my pictures are now in a PHP database rather than simple HTML coding this seems to be more difficult.

I have recently started selling camera bean bags again and very quickly did well in the search engines as I got all the right keywords in place. I am certainly always on the first page in Google, but have not reached the top of the page yet. To improve my chances I have bought the domain name I am now waiting to see how long it takes for that to appear in Google. It will be a one page web site that replicates my current web page selling camera bean bags. I shall join the two web sites together so it is not obvious which one you are on, but hopefully get my bean bags closer to the top of the page.

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