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This bird has been coming to road kill I have placed on this branch for months, but as usual with Buzzards it does not come every day.

It is taken from a hide, but unusually the hide was only put up on the day of photography. Normally with buzzards I would expect to have to leave a hide in place for several days to get them accustomed to it. The hide is next to a bramble bush so does not stand out. If I did the same in the middle of a field I would not expect the buzzard to accept the hide.

The bait is just off to the birds left. Canon EOS 1dx and the 800mm f5.6 lens. On the estate where I photograph there are no livestock to graze the grass and there is a shortage of suitable places where I can photograph buzzards on the ground. I need to find somewhere else as I am fed up with doing them on posts and branches.

Common buzzard 0391
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