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Breezebrowser is still my favourite software for editing my pictures and deciding which to keep or delete. I can work faster with this bit of software than any  other I have seen, but since buying the EOS 1d Mk1v I have noticed how much slower it runs. It is especially noticeable when I bring four pictures up at once for comparison, which I do a lot. They take far too long to load and I was a bit slow to realise why.

The embedded jpgs within the raw files are much larger than on earlier Canon cameras. Breezebrowser uses these embedded jpgs rather than the raw file itself to display an image. I can’t see a setting in the cameras custom functions where the embedded jpg size can be altered, but have found a workaround that speeds things up. I am now shooting in raw mode plus small jpg setting on the camera. Then within Breezebrowsers Preferences/Image Display I have the raw and jpg files linked. When Breezebrowser views the images now it loads the smaller jpg file rather than the larger embedded jpg and things are back to the same speed I am used to.

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