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Black redstart

In the days when I made worthwhile money from selling pictures I was always up to date with my editing and processing. Today the bulk of my income is from selling wildlife photography equipment and I find it harder to find the time to sort images. It is certainly less important when I get paid pennies for published pictures rather than pounds.

Today however was forecast to be wet and miserable and I left the day free to do nothing but process the backlog of images. Here is a recent Black redstart that was very obliging. It is the first time I have done a smart looking male on a digital camera.

Both images taken with the Canon 800mm and the EOS 7D Mk2. I am enjoying using the 7D Mk2. It is the first digital Canon camera I have owned that is not in the pro range. Noise wise it is about one stop more grainy than the 1Dx, but I am appreciating the quiet mode at 3 fps and the 1.6 crop.  If I take the same subject on both cameras I can see a difference, but it is hard to define and describe. The 1Dx files have a silky smoothness to them, but it needs side by side comparison and is hard to see. It is certainly not a problem and I can see me using the &d more frequently than the 1Dx.

Black redstart, Phoenicurus ochruros
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