Atlantic canary

Atlantic canary, Serinus canaria, single bird on rock, Madeira, March 2016. Canon EOS 7D Mk2. 800mm. 800 iso. 1/600th at f5.6

Taken on the rocks at Porto Moniz, where they were tame in the town centre compared to out in the countryside.  At the time of taking I was not sure if I was photographing a Serin and had to look it up later. Madeira was very poor bird wise. In 10 days on the island I photographed only 4 species, although 3 of those were new to me and the 4th was a new race. The only reason to return would be for the sea bird boat trips to photograph shearwaters and petrels later in the year. It would not be a cheap thing to do, but I would expect to get another set of new species done.

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