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Airport Luggage

I have just returned from a flight abroad. I am not flying as much as I used too and do not miss the experience. Getting all that luggage onto a plane and all the waiting around has always been very unpleasant. It is exhausting. On the way out my hold luggage weighed 24 kg and my ticket said the limit was 30 Kg so no problem except my camera bag, which I was taking as hand luggage was another 20 Kg and I had a laptop bag probably weighing 5 Kg.

On the way back I had a lot more stuff to bring and my hold luggage was 35 Kg. The man at the checkin desk raised it as a problem, but said he was going to be nice to me and let it pass through. That would not have happened at a U.K. airport. Not only would they have charged me extra for excess luggage, but I suspect they would not have allowed a bag over 32 Kg at all. I would have to have bought another bag. My camera bag and laptop bag were also heavier on the way back and I was wearing my photo jacket with the pockets full of books and lenses. All told I was probably carrying 70 kg. Not something I have done before and I don’t want to again.

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