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Like most of us I detest spam emails and I get my fair share. The more you use the internet and your email address the more spam you are likely to get. The service provider for my domain is Fasthosts and they offer very limited spam protection. On my mail server I can block email addresses so mail from them never get downloaded to my computer and I can block domains. Since a genuine spammer never uses the same email address or domain name twice this is fairly useless.

I have now started to use Mxgaurddog and so far I am very impressed. It is free so long as you provide a link from your web site to its home page and this has reduced my spam to almost nothing. It works on my mail server so that spam never downloads to my computer or mobile phone in the first place. Perfect.

It is a little complicated to set-up, but  I managed it within a few minutes and not many false starts. There is an option in the settings to receive a report once a day or week of the emails it has blocked. Very reassuring to know you are not missing anything. Currently I am receiving this daily, but will drop it to once a week when I am confident in what it is blocking. It is possible to not receive the report at all, but to logon to their web site and check all blocked spam that way and choose to receive any that are not spam.

Highly recommended. This could well be the answer to blocking all that annoying spam.

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