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I have a number of talks I give to camera groups, birdwatching societies and nature organisations. My slide projectors have been swopped for a Benq Hi-definition digital projector and so far I have put  four new talks together.

Digital has reset the bar in the standards of wildlife photography and digital presentations also offers new opportunities.

Please contact me with suggested dates, ideally by email at;
or telephone on 0121 744 7988.

Prices on application depending on distance and group size. I am prepared to travel and enjoy doing talking tours if you want to arrange one with neighbouring clubs in your area.


Each talk is just over one hour long, but can be longer or shorter as required.


Postal address;
Mike Lane FRPS
36 Berkeley Road,
West Midlands,
B90 2HS

Tufted duck 64405.jpg

Tufted duck

Talks Available


1) A Digital Lane.

Mike's first two years with a digital camera photographing wildlife in various places around the globe. Starting with black grouse in Scotland, the show moves into Finland for brown bears and diving ospreys and then to some amazing drinking pools for birds in Hungary.

Black grouse 60657.jpg

Black grouse

2) A Lane around the U.K.

Concentrating on British wildlife this talk includes Dartford warbler, Snow buntings, Choughs, Corncrakes as well as a selection of mammals such as seals and deer.

Greylag goose 93165.jpg

Greylag geese

3) A Lane in Brazil.

A huge country that Mike has visited three times. Each visit has included time spent in the Amazing Pantanal, a huge wetland area full of birds such as the hyacinth macaw and is one of the best places to see and photograph the elusive jaguar. The show also includes pictures of the giant river otter, capybara and nut cracking capuchin monkeys, as well as the multitude of colourful birds.

Jaguar 78273.JPG


4) A Lane in a Midlands Forest.

A talk about the new and little known Heart of England Forest in Warwickshire where Mike has spent the last few years extensively photographing the wildlife. It is a new forest with many young trees, but also some well established mature woodland, lakes, rivers and shallow scrapes. An exciting Midlands habitat that has Mike working with his favourite subjects, British wildlife.

Common pheasant A0639.jpg


5) A Digital Lane Returns.

More pictures from the U.K and abroad, which includes Ospreys, black grouse and capercaillies in Finland and the Komoda dragon from Indonesia. Komoda Island is a remote place that is not easy to reach and when you finally arrive the dragons are prone to sleeping a lot. Not an easy subject for the camera.

Many easier British wildlife subjects such as hares and Woodcock also make up this talk.

Komodo dragon B2538.jpg

Komodo dragon

6) A Digital Lane Returns Again.

This talk starts in Japan during the winter months with images of Snow monkeys, Red-crowned cranes and the magnificent Stellers eagle. A winter hotspot for wildlife photography.

The rest of the talk concentrates on British wildlife with hares, water voles and finally the Great bustards that have been reintroduced in Wiltshire.

Whooper swan 94144.jpg

Whopper swans

7) A Lane in Eastern Europe.

Eastern Europe is an exciting place for wildlife photography. Birds are more numerous there than in the U.K. and the land is more accessable. Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Poland all feature in this talk which covers White-tailed Sea-eagles, Golden eagles, European jackels and a Wallcreeper site accessed from a cherry picker.

Wallcreeper 90235.jpg


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