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Windows 10 downside

I usually like to keep up to date and had no concerns about accepting the free update to Windows 10 on all four computers in the house. The interface was different, but otherwise it  was  just like Windows has always been. A few minutes playing with the front page and I was familiar with it and hardly noticed it was new.

After a few months I have found a major flaw. It is not possible to switch off Windows updates as you could in previous versions of Windows. When it wants to update it does so, even if you are in front of an audience of 100 people all waiting to see your presentation. Some updates are short, but the last one took 90 minutes. A disaster if you need to use your computer urgently. What were Microsoft thinking when they came up with this idea?

Fortunately when it happened I was not in front of 100 people. I was by myself in a hotel room. I received a Windows prompt on my laptop saying it wanted to install the latest updates. I clicked no as I was busy answering emails. In the morning when I switched the laptop on it began to install the updates automatically without asking. It can’t be stopped. One hour later and it was still updating. I had to leave the hotel and hoped the update would be finished before the battery went dead. It did not.

On the evening I plugged it into the mains, started up and received a message that is was rolling back to a previous version. It went back to Windows 8. This after several months of Windows 10. Amazing. I left it switched on all day and at some point Windows 10 reinstalled itself and I was faced with the same message about installing the latest update. This time I accepted and it took about 90 minutes.

Why would Microsoft come up with such a crazy system. I want to be able to keep my computers up to date, but it has to be when I am free to do so. I am now nervous I will be standing in front of a large group of people trying to show them pictures and my laptop decides it is ready to do the next update.

I can think of only two solutions.

1). Buy a mac, but I do not want the learning curve.

2). Keep one laptop with the wifi always switched off so it can’t update. I think this will have to be the answer.

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